Company Profile

Allied to your interests

Price Sierakowski Corporate is a boutique commercial law firm.

Our expertise is in high level corporate work, including capital raisings, mergers and acquisitions, resources and energy, reconstructions and litigation.

Our clients are typically professionals, directors and growing small to mid capitalisation companies.

We are a law firm that provides better experiences through strong connections with clients and staff. Price Sierakowski Corporate is "Allied to your interests"

"Allied to your interests". To clients, this statement is a promise that an enduring relationship with Price Sierakowski Corporate will also achieve real commercial results. Why do we know this to be true? Because only a strong, on-going connection between lawyer and client can lead to the deep understanding needed to offer truly valuable counsel, counsel that delves beyond top-of-mind thinking into insightful, proactive advice.

"Allied to your interests". To staff this statement is a promise and a challenge… It is a promise that the firm will act as a partner with them in their professional and personal development. It reminds them that they are employed in an intimately sized firm where their interests can be clearly identified. The four directors, who work closely within the team, nurture and reward staff to assist them in reaching new career and life goals.

But it is also a challenge to staff, in that they must personally invest in the outcomes to their clients. They must commit to hold the interests of the client in the same regard as their own individual and professional interests.

Established in May 1999 by Paul Price and Adam Sierakowski, joined by Simon Jenkins as a director in 2005, and joined by Brett Molony as a director in 2014, the firm has lived by its positioning statement, Allied to your interests, since inception.